Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Most of us use Wi-Fi hotspots when we are away from home and at places such as airports, malls, universities, restaurants, etc. however, we are all aware that these networks possess a hidden security threat for our devices.

The best way to ensure safety over the virtual world is to subscribe for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. A VPN creates a secure network connection over a public network such as the internet and Wi-Fi hotspots. More and more people as well as corporations are now using VPN to enhance their online security from prying eyes. There are many VPN providers all over the web with many offering their services for free.

Of course, there are no free services on the internet.  There is usually some type of cost involved which is why internet users should compare the services of both – free and paid VPN before subscribing to one or the other.

Here are some significant differences between the two:

Speed: The key difference between the paid and the free VPN services is the bandwidth provided. We all know speed is available at a price over the web. The free VPN service providers give out as little speed as possible making it difficult for users to even download a YouTube video. A paid VPN service has improved speed connection for their consumers to ensure that they are able to compete with other providers.

Features: A free VPN service will only give you basic facilities while a paid VPN service will come with many useful and innovative features that will increase the user experience of the consumers.

Security: A free VPN service will not be able to give you the same security as a paid one. On the other hand, a paid VPN will provide their customer with high-level of security including those that are used by leading bank and credit card companies.

Customer Support: Paid VPN services provide their users with exceptional customer support where they can be contacted 24/7 via email, chat, phone, etc if a problem with the server occurs.

Ads: Since Free VPN service providers do not have adequate funds, they sell ad space which comes up frequently while you surf the internet.  A paid VPN service does not sell any ad space so you don’t have to worry about any annoying pop-ups occurring while you are browsing.

A free VPN service provider does not have as much revenue as a paid one to offer you with the best features, service, and speed. Due to the economic situation around the world, many internet users are turning towards free services. But remember, the paid VPN providers are using the money they receive from you to ensure that you – the user can avail the best features and security to make your user-experience better. Which type of VPN service would you prefer? Free or paid? Let us know in the comments below.