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VyprVPN is an established and reputable VPN provider. Part of the Golden Frog Group (The guys behind Dump Truck and Cyphr), they have been providing their customers with a stable and ever expanding network since 2010. We recently took the time to review their VPN service, here’s what we thought:



Website: The team at VyprVPN have done an outstanding job on their website, it’s nicely designed and easy to navigate. The website is packed with great content and it is clear that the passionate about an internet that is open and free from intrusive censorship. The site feels like it is targeted towards a more informed user, but doesn’t target a specific demographic i.e users wanting to stream multimedia or who are concerned about security/privacy.


Plans and Pricing: Vypr VPN offers 3 paid plans and a Free account (for life!), which is nice of them. The free account gives you access to all of their features, but it does limit data usage quite heavily. The paid plans start at $9.99/mo and increase to $19.99/mo for their most expensive plan. For just under 20 bucks a month you get access to unlimited data, 3 concurrent connections and all protocols, we advise sticking to the pro plan, otherwise you will end up paying an extra $60.00 a year for one additional connection.


Features: A paid subscription with Vypr VPN comes with plenty of cool features; NAT Firewall, unlimited data usage, VyprDNS and multiple simultaneous connections are all included. They also offer a feature called Chameleon, this proprietary technology scrambles OpenVPN (restricted to OpenVPN Protocol) packet metadata to prevent it from being recognizable via deep packet inspection (DPI) - It’s very cool technology! Asides from these great features VyprVPN also boasts a substantial global network, consisting of over 50 locations and 700+ VPN servers.


Security & Protocols: As mentioned above their proprietary Chameleon technology is a great asset to their protocol offering. In addition to this they also offer their customers PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP, this leaves them lagging behind some of the heavy hitters, but their offering is more than adequate.

In regards to security, Vypr VPN are very conscientious and focused on providing a safe platform for their customers to enjoy. Security focused features such as VyprDNS and NAT Firewall are not standard compared to their competitors, and are a really great addition for users concerned about privacy and security. In addition they use no 3rd party vpn servers so your data is protected from end to end.


Customer Support: Support can be reached via a form linked to from the help center or by a live chat agent (present on every page) - annoyingly this isn’t available for free users, it should really be removed from the frontend site and instead put into dashboards of paid users. Thankfully, we paid :) - so no issues here. Support response times were acceptable but not amazing; email took 21 hours to get a response and while live chat was quick, it was a pain in the ass to get to the point of communicating. We did receive clear and concise answers that competently answered our questions.


Customer Dashboard: The customer dashboard offered by Vypr VPN is one of the nicest we have seen in terms of design, but it does appear a little cluttered, particularly for those users who are logging in to a free account. One tiny gripe, is that there is annoying page refresh every time you select a new menu item. The dashboard is also a touch confusing, as the folks at VyperVPN like to show you what other products are available to you as part of the Golden Frog Group, and annoyingly they leave those products as static menu items. If they stripped out some of the unnecessary bits it would be great!


Desktop Client: The desktop client is remarkably simple - just the way it should be. There are no bells and whistles, just simply; locations, connect options and information about your connections (time connected, IP in use, protocol used etc), there’s also a cool little infographic displaying the throughput. The context menus are well thought out and displays information about your current connection, as well as providing options for quick connect, favourites and disconnect. Our only criticism is that the server location window is a little clunky and not well organised, however search was incredibly fast and accurate.


Mobile: Vypr VPN offer both iOS and Android applications - we tested the iOS application and found the app to be intuitive. As with a number of other providers, Vypr’s app required the installation of a new profile every time you wish to connect to a new location, it’s a little annoying but we are used to seeing this by now. The speeds and connection times were very fast and there. The only thing we really didn’t like was that whichever country you were connected to, the country short code was made of dots in a grid and docked at the top of the screen - horrible to look at, and it takes up way too much space.



Conclusion: It is very clear to see why Vypr VPN are such a popular company and have a loyal following on social media. Their product is solid, nicely designed and ever developing - it’s great to see a company innovating for the benefit of their customers rather than their pockets. They are pretty expensive compared to other providers that we have reviewed and this costs them some points. Support could do with tightening up a little bit and the mobile apps could do with some refining, but other than that, we like VyprVPN and would happily recommend them to our readers.


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